Abc Mekanik Proje Tes. Müh. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

ABC Mekanik Proje

It was established in 2005 to plan mechanical installation systems (HVAC) in building structures.  We have prepared Project0Design services on different structures such as Residence, Houses, Hotels, Offices, Shopping Malls, Hospitals and Factories on total of 6.500.000 m2 indoor construction site including 1.700.000 m2 (Maslak 1453) at once until today and we are continuing our works on these areas. 

The company, comprehending the absolute importance of innovation and change in project services, has continuously kept its sensitivity on daily following the technical developments and innovations in its sector alive, and have found the opportunity to directly access new and technical information sources by becoming a member with this aim to respectable establishment that produce know-how in HVAC field.  

In the projects it has done and will do, it has identified main criteria of design concept such as suitability to architectural main theme, low operational and pre-investment costs, high productivity, suitability to environmental and nature conditions  besides technology as its fundamental principles.  

As ABC Mekanik Proje Company, rather than aiming for numerous projects in a short time, we aim to ensure on time project delivery and field application projects by noticing the possible inconsistencies in the field by creating solutions suitable to building concepts with the project and design groups we work with. 



Working For The Best

5 Above Over Revit MEP
10 Above Over Consultancy Services
10 Above Over of the Supervision Service
Over 250 Giant Project
%100 Customer Happiness